Building a Windows Phone App from scratch

One phrase that I think describe this series of articles is “Hello World re-done”. This is the first installment, and from the looks of it (and past form) this is going to be a very useful tutorial for all those brand new developers. Taking you through from design in Blend to coding & debugging in VS. Click the link to see what I’m craving about.

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PS this is my 1st post from the WP7 WordPress app, so we’ll see how easy it is.

Working With Data In Windows Phone 7

So… It’s been far too long since In last posted an article I liked.

This one is from Microsoft Feed and gives a very detailed tutorial of binding using a Viewmodel. I was quite fortunate when learning this, as I had an MVP at hand to throw any questions at. But for those not lucky enough to have that, this is a perfect introduction.

Full Article: Working With Data In Windows Phone 7 | MicrosoftFeed.

Page State–Step by Step | Jesse Liberty

The Windows Phone life cycle is not terribly complicated, but it can be the source of some LifeCycle  confusion, and managing the life-cycle can be intimidating to new Windows Phone programmers.  This posting will review the basic life-cycle of a Windows Phone application and will show you what you need to do to preserve state and give your users a rewarding phone experience.

Full Article: Page State–Step by Step | Jesse Liberty.

InputScope in Windows Phone 7 apps

There are many times in life, when it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. Using InputScope to manipulate the on-screen keyboard that a user is presented with is such an important detail. By choosing the right keyboard, users can spend less time inputting data into your app & spend longer on enjoying the experience as a whole.

This article take you through the basic implementation of InputScope, and provides a detailed tutorial on the most popular options available. Well worth a look.

Full Article: Mobile Zone.