Using the system tray to show progress bar in wp7 mango

So here is a welcome discovery. After implementing the PerformanceProgressBar in my first NoDO app, I really thought that there needed to be a simpler way to implement a progress indicator…and now it’s here.

Ducas Francis has written up a quick piece on how to use the new built in progress bar that can be found within System Tray, along with an overview of the other additions new to Mango

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Via: WindowsPhone Geek

How to stop toolkit transitions affecting performance

With the new Mango toolkit now fully released, there’s no excuse for poor performance. When building any new mango app using the new Performance Analysis is a must. This helps identify any threads in your app which are severely impact the runtime performance.

This article by Matt Lacey, explains how he identified a problem with the toolkit transitions, which can impact performance in a major way.

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